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Kaos FUSION 2.0 Holster

Kaos FUSION 2.0 Holster

Tired of that box of unused holsters? Or the drawer of holsters that you collected over the years... Want a holster but you are left handed.. Or maybe you have a Front Sight course that requires you to wear an outside the waistband holster but you don't want to go out and spend another $60 on a n...
Kaos Stealth Mag Carrier 9/.40 $12.50

Kaos Stealth Mag Carrier 9/.40

Our newly designed Stealth Magazine Carrier is even more low profile and sleek. Capable of being worn inside and outside the waist was well as left or right hand this holster covers all of your needs Currently being made for Glock 9/40 Glock 43 Glock 42 M&P Shield CZ 9/40 M&P 9/40 HK VP9/...
Kaos Guardian-Trigger Guard $24.99

Kaos Guardian-Trigger Guard

*Glock 42 Guardian now available* *XD Guardian now available* This is our newest product line of holsters. Currently being made only for the Glock, the guardian holster is made to cover the trigger guard of the any Glock or Springfield XD pistols. Whether you are going to the range or have your p...