Kydex Holsters

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Kaos Concealment Kydex holsters were designed with versatility and comfort as top priorities. Our holsters are guaranteed to meet your carrying preferences, whichever way you like to carry your weapon. Our Fusion 2.0 kydex holster can turn into an IWB holster, an OWB holster, an AIWB holster and more. Our holsters are handmade with a phenomenal attention to detail. We enjoy building holsters and would never sell a product we wouldn’t use ourselves everyday. 

Kaos created custom kydex holsters with unique features like chamber check and clear, optic compatibility, and other features other holsters do not have. You can upgrade our Kydex holsters with a multitude of attachments including a grip hook, paddle, and more. All of our holsters come standard with the ability to be converted from and OWB holster to an IWB holster. Quickly change your carrying position without the requirement of having to buy an entirely new holster.