About Us

Quality, low price, and customer satisfaction. These three points are what Kaos if founded upon. The company began as an outlet for local customers who needed holsters for rare guns in Bakersfield, California. 

In July 2011 Havok Airsoft & CQB opened its doors in Bakersfield, CA. The market for airsoft in our area attracted several real gun enthusiasts who sought tough and reliable gear for training and day to day use. We began making holsters shortly after the opening of our airosft store. Word quickly spread and we began making more and more holsters for local customers. As custom requests came in we adjusted our inventory to accommodate more popular holster styles.  

Since the first holster was made, Kaos has grown. With hundreds of holsters under our belt, we slowly began attending local gun shows. The success of the shows allowed Kaos to travel California in order to sell and show our holsters. Kaos Concealment Holsters are also sold locally at Get A Gun and the Bakersfield Gun Club. 

All of our holsters are made with .08 Kydex. We believe that this thickness allows for unsurpassed definition, rigidity, and low profile. We have several holsters in use on a weekly basis with minimal failure. Our holsters come with a lifetime guarantee not to crack, break, or fail. If you are unhappy with our holsters please return with comments on how we can do better. 

Customer satisfaction is key to our growth. As mentioned before, we offer a life time guarantee on all of our holsters. We also strive to answer all of our customers within 48 hours. All custom requests are met with open arms and we put all our effort in to meet these requests. Our Facebook page is tribute to this. We offer our local and online customers fast delivery times. Most orders will be recieved within 3-4 weeks, but no more than four weeks. We charge only $5 for USPS priority shipping which means you can track your order and you get it fast. No 18 week waiting period with Kaos Concealment.  

Overall, Kaos Concealment is here offer comfortable low profile holsters to fit your everyday needs without breaking your wallet. Got a question or advice, feel free to email or call us any time.