Kaos Guardian-Trigger Guard

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*Glock 42 Guardian now available*

*XD Guardian now available*

This is our newest product line of holsters. Currently being made only for the Glock, the guardian holster is made to cover the trigger guard of the any Glock or Springfield XD pistols. Whether you are going to the range or have your pistol on your nightstand you want to keep your trigger covered from wondering fingers, pens, or other objects. Each Guardian holster is sent with 30" of 550 paracord which can be mounted behind your nightstand or to your belt for appendix carry. The Guardian his also slant cut so that the user can quickly access the holster and remove it without putting your hand in front of the barrel. 

Intersted in wearing this holster with a Soft loop strut? The Guardian is compatable with these two Belt Loops

All holsters are made using Black kydex, however, we offer a wide variety of colors. CLICK HERE to choose from our numerous color options. Once you found what you want, add it to the cart and let us know which color should be applied to your holster