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The Kaos Guardian holster is the smallest holster for concealed carry. Capable of being worn inside your waist band in either left or right hand configuration, each holster comes with our grip hook.  Purchase our Claw attachment for more concealability. The grip hook enables users to tuck their shirt over the holster and their firearm while the claw aides in concealing large or small firearm grips.

Keeping true to the values and goals of the Kaos Fusion line, the Guardian further allows users to retain a full combat grip, ambidextrous, chamber check and clear and are optic ready. Each holster is currently stocked in black, however, FDE, OD, and Carbon Fiber variants are coming soon.


History of the Guardian:

We began making the Guardian style holsters in 2012 shortly after we began selling holsters to the public(2011). The demand for this style holster came from our local DA office which had a few issues stocking the MIC and Raven Concealment holsters. We initially used our blue guns, all we had at the time, to mold holsters around the trigger guard with kydex covering the slide with two holes for future modification of soft loop struts and each holster came standard with 20 inches of para cord. As demand grew so did our line up.