M&P 40 Kaos Fusion 2.0 Kydex Holster

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Time to retire your old holsters. Yes, even your favorite one. This is the last holster you’ll ever need for your M&P 40. We know, that’s a bold claim. But it only sounds that way because you haven’t tried one yet. The Kaos Fusion 2.0 gives you the freedom to carry your M&P 40 how you want when you want. IWB, OWB, AIWB. All with one holster. Get even more function (like the ability to add mag carriers) when you pair the Kaos Fusion 2.0 with our belt attachments.


  • Adjustable cant (To guarantee a flawless draw in any carry position.)
  • Ambidextrous mounting (Because lefties deserve some love, too.)
  • Polymer injected clip for durability (So you can count on your holster when it matters, day after day.)
  • Compatible with slide optics (So your weapon fits, no matter how you customize it.)
  • Snag-proof edges (To keep your clothes from slowing your draw.)
  • Chamber check-and-clear (To avoid negligent discharges without readying your weapon.)
  • Perfect for CCW (Because nothing’s worse than an uncomfortable holster.)
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA (So you can count on the quality.)
  • Lifetime warranty (So this really is the last holster you ever need.)

Technical Specs

  • Built with .08" Boltaron
  • Hand-made in the USA


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