Sig Sauer P938 IWB/OWB Concealed Carry Holster

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The Most Versatile SIG Sauer P938 Concealed Carry Holster

Clean out your junk drawer full of holsters or that box of leather carriers in your closet and buy a Kaos Fusion 2.0 designed to fit your Sig P938 like a glove. One of the biggest complaints of concealed carry citizens is that they have purchased countless holsters in order to find one that works for them. Look no further, the Fusion 2.0 glock 9/40 holster comes standard as the first true semi custom holster.

Wear As OWB or IWB With Your P938

What makes the Fusion 2.0 different holster so versatile? First and foremost, the fusion 2.0 can be worn inside and outside of the waistband while being able to accommodate both left handed shooters and right handed shooters. Whether you train and draw from further back on your waist or appendix this holster works for every preference. The ability to switch your holster from inside to outside quickly alleviates any stress of having to hunt online or in store for an outside the pants holster, especially when qualifying for your ccw or training class. 

Adjustable Cant Holster

Secondly all Fusion 2.0 holsters come standard with the adjustable cant. This ability allows users to fine tune their holster to fit their needs and every day carry for comfortability. Appendix carry has been popularized and become the choice of carry location for thousands of citizens in recent times. Why look for IWB and OWB holsters that limit you to one carry positions when the Fusion 2.0 does it all? Are you law enforcement and looking for a method of carry that is similar to what you carry on duty? Simply place your Fusion 2.0 holster at the 3 o’ clock position while wearing your magazine on your weak side for a shorter learning curve for your off duty holster.

Sig P938 Optic Compatible Holster

The progression of time has not only shifted the method of carry to multiple positions on your waistband, but also gear in which you run on your belt including optics. Slide mounted optics is the third and most important reason the Fusion 2.0 is the holster of choice for the serious self defensive practitioner. Each Fusion 2.0 is cut to accept any and all optics on the market. From the low profile Sig Romeo 1 and Shield sight to the Trijicon RMR and SRO, this holster accepts them all. Gone, are the days of you having to modify your leather or plastic holster yourself to accept your new optic. Save your money on new holsters that are “custom” built for red dots, buy a holster that is ready when you are.

Sig P938 Concealed Carry Holster

Other holsters may work great for concealed carry. Some may be great for your next training class and serve their purpose as an owb or paddle holster. Some may even allow you to tuck your shirt in over your gun for your wedding day or for church. So if you’re looking for an IWB holster, OWB holster or any other kind of holster, buy a Kaos Fusion 2.0 and rest assured that this one holster will do it all.

Feature Overview

  • Adjustable cant

  • Ambidextrous mounting (Fits right/left-handed)

  • Polymer injected clip for durability

  • Compatible with slide optics

  • Snag-proof edges

  • Chamber check-and-clear

  • Perfect for CCW