Fusion Overlays!


Fusion-S Care and Information-

Your Fusion-S holster uses an industry first adhesive process to apply a fabric overlay. You can wash your holster with cold water and soap and air dry as needed. 

Take extra car when positioning your holster into place. Though you may be tempted to just insert your holster quickly into your pants, be sure to first allow room to first as this is not any other holster. Taking this extra step to will increase the longevity of your overlay. 

All Fusion-S holsters hold our same warranty and we will still adjust fit if needed, however, we cannot cover any peeling of the overlay. If your overlay peels over time or please contact us for reapplication methods.  All overlays can be removed with our instruction. Removal does not affect the function of the holster as it can still be worn as a regular Fusion holster. We value all of our customers and their opinions, feel free to contact us with any concerns.  

Call or text Joe at 661-496-3707 or email at joe@kaosconcealment.com. Dont forget to like us on Facebook for giveaways and discounts!



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