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On May 29, 2020, “protestors” in East San Jose began vandalizing cars on Freeway 101 in response to the unjust death of George Floyd. Everyday citizens sat in their cars with their families as windows are bashed in and attempts are made to drag people out of their vehicles. This hit me specifically hard as a mother of 3 girls ages 3 and under who sit in the backseat…the exact place where the windows I saw were broken in. First off, let’s start by calling these protestors what they really are. They are terrorists. They are using unlawful violence and...

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No toilet paper, no ammo

I write this to share my most recent experience at my local gun store. An experience which many gun store owners and employees run into every day.

I myself have seen and heard and even helped first time gun buyers at gun shows or at gun stores and have offered advice to every single one of my friends who have asked.....

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holster claw -

What is a Holster Claw?

The CLAW! I have two young daughters and the idea of a claw reminds of the hundreds of times I have heard and seen the movie Toy Story.

Sometimes it gets annoying, but I remember it for these two precious girls I carry every day. They are my legacy. Even though I pray I never have to use a firearm to protect them, I stay ready.

Most days I carry medium to large guns including an N-Frame revolvers, Walther PPQ or Glock 19x. These 3 models tend to print given the shirts and pants I wear. When I feel like a flannel and I throw on my Dixxon I do not have a problem with printing...

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Is the Sig P938 worth it? If you're curious about adding a Sig P938 to your collection or using it for daily concealed carry, we've broken down everything the P938 is made of in this article. Find out just how good the P938 is.

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