Sig P938 Viable For Concealed Carry? | Kaos Concealment®

Sig P938 Viable For Concealed Carry? | Kaos Concealment®

sig p938 review good for concealment

The Mighty Sig Sauer P938 for concealed carry


For many, concealed carry pistols must be small and compact. This notion has brought to the market numerous "pocket and micro pistols. None more prestige than the Sig Sauer P938. Some may turn to this pistol because of their long-standing love of the 1911. 


Others for its lightweight stature and 9mm chamber. For many Sig Sauer is a way of life. Today we take a look at the P938 and why it is one of the go-to pistols for self-defense. 



Sig P938 Specs:


CALIBER: 9mm Luger


FRAME SIZE: Micro-Compact


FRAME FINISH: Hard Coat Anodized


SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel



SAFETY: Manual

BARREL LENGTH: 3.0 in (76 mm)

OVERALL LENGTH (IN): 5.9 in (150 mm)

OVERALL WIDTH: 1.1 in (28 mm)

HEIGHT: 3.9 in (99 mm)

WEIGHT (OZ): 16 oz (454 g)

sig p938 review good for concealment


Sig P938 Shootability

Weighing in at just over a pound fully loaded the Sig P938 is a heavyweight in the world of lightweights. What does that mean? It's snappy yet smooth. Light yet controllable.


 I own countless compact and micro-compact pistols of which I carry daily and fire weekly. Of all my firearms in this size, the P938 is one of the most fun and accurate to shoot.


 I attribute this to the trigger and comfort of the frame. The beavertail allows me to grip the gun high. It is more than likely this trait that allows me to control the 9mm round so well. It doesn’t hurt that the same beaver tail makes the firearm feel like an extension of my hand. 


Compared to my Glock 26, the slide of the P938 seems to feel less snappy. This may be due to the slide tracking on a shorter rail, but the P938 is a dream to shoot. It may also be due to the ergonomics.


 I can go on about how the gun feels, but one feature that stands apart from my other pistols is the reliability. Most range days I run at least 100-200 rounds per firearm. I can say with confidence that this little beast of a pistol has not had on a malfunction in countless range trips over the 4 years I have owned it. 



All Metal Micro Pistol

Concealed carry is a way of life for those who choose to bring a gun with them on their daily routines. While most seek lightweight polymer guns such as the Sig P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat which carry more than 10 rounds of 9mm, there is a reason the P938 has held its own. 


Modeled after the 1911, the P938 boasts an alloy frame and Stainless-steel slide limiting its empty weight to a mere 16oz. From its metal safety and sights to its all stainless magazines the P938 packs a punch which many, including myself, that feels more natural. More weight and metal usually means less recoil. We can eliminate that notion now with any micro pistol given their size. 


Let’s be honest, micro pistols are snappy. There is something to be said for all metal guns. They are nothing short of badass, but how do they carry?


Carrying a Sig P938

The P938 was released in 2009. 10 years later it is still one of the most popular models sold by sig with 15 variations of color and grips to fit anyone’s liking. 


Holster options have grown as well bringing this pocket pistol to the waistband. Where you decide to conceal your P938 is a matter of preference, however, appendix and 3 o’clock are the most common for this size pistol.


Appendix carry for the P938

I know firsthand that appendix carry is not for everyone. Some stray away from it because they cannot sit comfortably. Some fear the idea that they may accidentally shoot their balls off.


 I find that the most common reason is the muffin top syndrome. For those who do not know, that is when your belly pushes against your pistol causing discomfort. 


The p938, containing features of the 1911, has a beavertail that may poke your “lonja” causing serious discomfort. If your BMI is in check, this pistol will be perfect. Don’t stray away though if you delve in that extra Krispy Kreme Donut on occasion, all hope is not lost. 


Appendix carry is made possible with certain holsters that offer lower riding holsters such as the Kaos Fusion 2.0 paired with a grip hook

sig p938 review good for concealment


Carrying at 3 o’clock 

I encounter hundreds of people a month at gun shows and law enforcement training. Every walk of life has different needs. From the everyday concealed carry citizen to the law enforcement professional carrying off duty. 


The more popular method of carrying I have found is the 3 o’clock position. The reasons I find myself carrying in this position relate closely to those I speak to every month. Comfort for my daily movements and driving.


 I always recommend and hear others say, train with the gear you carry. The same can be said for the position in which you carry. 


The 3 o’clock position for most is natural. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed your hands are usually on your side. 


How does the p938 come into play? 


The size of the pistol is less likely to print. For those who carry daily and live in an area that frowns upon brandishing, the smaller the better. The short frame of the P938 does all but disappear under a shirt. Now, this may be a button-up which most wears as a cover garment, but also in a more fitted shirt. 


The 3 o’clock position may be hinder some for those who do not want to go up in pant size, but the 1.1-inch width of the P938 makes this notion irrelevant. 

sig p938 review good for concealment

Shown here with a Kaos Fusion 2.0 and AMP panel for small of the back carry


Small of the back

Though this position is not one I recommend, I do speak with numerous people who prefer this method. The p938 is ideal for this position with an extended magazine. Its short barrel and thin frame allow the gun to stay in place on your back.


 If you have never worn in this position and have an above-average derriere you would not have assumed that a larger barrel may push your gun out of position or out of your pants. A well-built holster, rigid belt and adjustable belt loop paired with the P938 make small of the back carry ideal for those who prefer it and train regularly on their draw from this position. 

sig p938 review good for concealment

Manual Safeties are Dangerous

In my experience, manual safeties have never hindered my shooting ability. For some, the time from draw to target acquisition to firing a round is prolonged when having to turn off a safety. 


This is understandable from a pistol such as the M&P Shield that has a small thin safety that is hard to turn off under pressure but keep in mind the P938 has several 1911 traits. One trait is the manual safety. The safety on the P938 is wide enough to turn off quickly and naturally without being obtrusions. 


For me and countless others, the safety on the P938 adds peace of mind.


After Market Part Support

Support of the P238 and P938 has increased over the years as more and more manufacturers have begun to see the popularity of micro pistols. Out of the box, sig includes a nice array of add ons such as wood grips, rubber grips, metal sights, night sights, and even lasers. 


Though this is the case, many like myself always want a gun that fits our needs and style. Trijicon offers several popular night sights for the P938 and VZ grips offer as many grip versions and textures for any method of carrying. 


Streamlight in recent years has begun creating light and laser combos for micro pistols such as the Glock 42 and Sig P365. The P938 and P238 are now able to be equipped with the Streamlight TLR6. The TLR6, for me, offers me the ability to go from concealment to bedside gun with its light and laser combo. 


I have also heard rumors that the Kimber Micro magazines fit in the Sig p938 allowing one more round in your mag. Rest assured your Sig will be your own with the number of aftermarket options. 



The price for the P938 has been somewhat skewed since the introduction of the Spartan and Legion models. Retail prices of the P938 range from $550-$800. The used market will, of course, find these fine pistols at much lower prices. 


I purchased my P938 used with Laser for $400. For a pistol of this caliber and size, $550 is worth its weight in Sig goodness. 

sig p938 review good for concealment



In the end, we will gravitate towards concealed carry gear that fit our needs and budget. Though there are countless other budgets friendly micro pistols, the Sig P938 has a familiar feeling. I wouldn’t fit the feeling if you get your hands on one as it won’t let you down. Its concealability and reliability are worth every penny. 

sig p938 review good for concealment



Kaos concealment offers the P938 holster in the Fusion 2.0 model. This holster allows you the ability to wear your P938 inside or outside of your pants. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed the Fusion 2.0 will suit your every need. 


On your way to church, wear your Fusion 2.0 tucked in. 


Range trip? 

Wear your Fusion 2.0 as a range holster outside of your pants. 


The Fusion 2.0 for concealed carry or open carry with your P938 has endless possibilities. 

Click here to find out more about the Fusion 2.0 for Sig P938 


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