Holsters in heat!

Leaving your Ipod, phone, or even a holster in your hot car or truck is never a good idea. Kaos holsters are proudly made in Bakersfield, CA where temperatures reach over 110F in the summer. A cool day in town during the summer is about 90 degrees. Studies have shown that the internal temperature of a car can sour to be over 109 degrees in a matter of ten minutes in 90 degree weather. This constant heat will ruin the internal functionality of phones and their screens and even warp your holster. Though our kydex is heated to 350 degrees while forming your holster, 109 degrees may cause the kydex to warp slightly which in turn may effect retention and functionality of your holster. Unfortunately this type of warping will not be covered in our warranty. 

Moral of the story, never leave your holster in a hot car for long periods of time.        


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